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The Formation of 7 Moves...

Eight years ago (2005) two entities met and had a brief but meaningful exchange about health and fitness. Both coming from an extensive diverse background in the fitness industry, one had conquered the academic path and the other had conquered the professional work path.  In 2012 these two entities were thrust together again at a 7 day conference and forced to bunk together in the same room.  After many late nights of talking in the dark about the mysteries of life they decided that there could be a future in a business that they were both passionate about creating and developing which is now called 7 Moves.  A third entity has joined our path that is also drenched in fitness industry experience. 

The rare collusion of diverse backgrounds, well-grounded work ethic, and academic depth makes up 7 Moves today.  Our direction is to give the gift of movement to all school children around Australia and allow children to grow into adults with an appreciation of exercise and its benefits to help reduce all health related diseases and obesity/overweight problems.

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The online course is a pre introduction to the format and expectations of a Zone 123 Trainer.